Menopause Overture #5 or: “Too much on my face and not enough on my head!”

Let’s start with the head part. Somewhere around age 52, or so, I noticed a lot more hair in my brush. And while I’m not scant on top, I definitely noticed there’s less volume of hair than there used to be! Since my hair was fine to begin with, I was horrified but vowed if it got too bad, I’d go the Susan Powter route–with no apology. Thank goodness I haven’t had to resort to that….so far. Time will tell. As my body produces less and less estrogen, this is one of the changes that comes along. Now I understand why so many elder women have short hair. It’s easier to disguise the loss of volume with the right cut and some good styling products.

On the other hand, I must still be producing testosterone from somewhere because –gahhh!– nose hair, mustache, and chin whiskers, oh my. (And also no lack of sex drive but more on that later.) I don’t know why I didn’t expect this hirsute development. My first mum-in-law(British) told me, after she’d been in hospital for some chemo related issues, “You should have seen all us old ladies in the mornin’ shavin’ our chins!” It was a look into my future and I didn’t realize it. My GYN provider, a nurse/midwife, calls what’s on our faces “the fuzzies.” With an eye roll and a grimace when she says it because she doesn’t like that change on her face any more than I like it on mine.

So whattaya do? Plucking, sugaring, wax strips, Olay Removal Duo (and no, I didn’t get paid for that)…..some combination of all of those things? I’m waiting for a reporter at work to do a segment on the No No to find out whether it works. I’d pay a chunk of cash for something I could use for several weeks and not see another chin or nose hair sprouting ever…. again.

In the meantime I keep a handheld magnifying mirror handy because my trifocals don’t let me get close enough to the bathroom mirror to accurately assess when I need to take 8 minutes and let the Olay Duo work its magic. Which often becomes the only time I take 8 minutes to sit still. Hmmmm.

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