Menopause, Overture #1 or “So begins the transition.”

24th May 2013

Growing up I quickly gathered my Mom didn’t like her body much. So, no surprise she never talked to me about what it was like to be in menopause. Never told me about that “holy shit what was that” moment when you have your first real hot flash. It occurs to me this is as momentous a change as puberty…but in the other direction. Instead of my body gearing up for leaping into Life—and maybe producing it— my body is winding down, getting ready for …the end of my life. Yes, that gives me “pause” in many ways. Ha, ha, clever pun there, no?

Every hormone that fosters the “feminine” aspects of my gender is fleeing my body, leaving me with the end of fertility—and the freedom that brings hurrah!— but also wondering how to adapt to the bigger changes that will come. I’m going to be my own menopause mentor and will share more from my own blog as days pass

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