On Falling Off the Planet Since August

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here. I fell off the planet when I got hired by a fire department and started training as a dispatcher on August 11th. I’ve got a lot on my mind but there’s also a “no personal access” internet policy at work so my long hours alone overnight when there are no emergency calls will have to be filled by writing longhand **GASP** and transcribing to the e-world at a later time. Until I can figure out what type of tool will serve me best…and how to carry wireless access to the internet around with me! In the meantime, the “Baby Veronica” story is simultaneously tugging at my heartstrings and making my head spin. I have every intention of addressing that from the perspective I hold as having been shipped around to different homes after my first adoption, then being adopted again…starting at age 18 months….and how that early life experience has echoed across my years. I weep for Baby Veronica. More later. Right now the siren song of vacuum and toilet brush call as I prep my home for a “showing” that may or may not happen in 4 hours. And the beat goes on………..

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