This is the Stuff of My REM Time or “When Do the Newsmares Stop”

I’m directing and simultaneously technically executing a newscast. I’m sitting at a technical station that is about an eigth the size of what I typically use. I cue an anchor, who is more often a reporter in the broadcast outlet with which I’m affiliated. We get into the second break in the show, the last commercial break. I give time cues to the talent/anchor but I don’t get any acknowledgement. Suddenly, the button mapping on the tinytiny switcher I’m using doesn’t have the camera I need in the primary line of assignment. I find the camera I need so I can see it in preview with just a few seconds left back from the commercial break and I see the anchor has a headset around her neck, not listening to time cues. The break is over and I have nowhere to go but to punch her up, but she doesn’t hear her cue and she’s not paying attention to tally lights.

I wake thinking, “Newsmare. Shit.” And wonder when those will metabolize out of my consciousness, if ever. One cat is pawing at the curtains, which I draw back to discover the other cat ensconced on the window ledge, making soft chittering noises as she tracks the progress of some creature across the back yard. I close the curtains, swathing her in her citadel. The sled dog yawns, responding to our stirrings. 9:11AM. Time to greet the day.

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