This is the Stuff of My REM Time or “Animals and drones and soldiers, oh my”

I’m standing at the door of a house that in the dream is similar to my grandparents’ home in Peabody, MA. It’s nighttime and I’ve let the cats out into the front yard. I see something has gotten their attention and as I run down the stairs I see they’re stalking a bunny. I pick the cats up and turn to go up the stairs and I see that an owl has climbed up the decorative metal design on the outside door and is eyeballing the bright green macaw that’s hanging from the screen on the inside of the door. As I open the door the owl cranes its head forward and tried to make a grab for the macaw. I shoulder it aside and drop the cats indoors, pulling the door closed behind me. Light comes into the sky as I putter around the house getting ready to go out and suddenly I’m in the bedroom of the house I lived in, also in Peabody, MA, until I was 11 years old. I hear a loud noise, that gets louder and louder outside the house as it gets closer. I see an unmanned military drone slowly circle the house and as it gets ready to make another pass, I close the curtains in each room.

The scene changes and …there are people milling about in the house with me and the house is no longer one with which I’m familiar in my waking life. My mother tells me that you can shoot drones down. Also that my brother and I “got their attention” and the drone will be back. I walk downstairs into the basement, find a shotgun, and begin loading it. I go back upstairs and I’m in a room with soldiers in jungle BDUs. It feels as if a briefing has just taken place and I take one of them aside, someone of high rank, and ask what the hell is going on. He’s my father in the dream but I get no answer.

The scene changes. And I’m in a TV station I’ve never seen before but I’m trying to find the controlroom so I can direct a show. I’m carrying the shotgun, awaiting the reappearance of the drone.

As I wake, I experience a hypnic jerk and the cat curled up between my legs lets out a startled mrrrrp of complaint as he leaps to the other side of the bed. I see it’s only 6:32AM as I apologize to him, then settle us both down for another few hours of shuteye.

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