Menopause Overture #7 or: “What Happened to My Eyelashes!?”

When I wore mascara a year ago or so I noticed my eyelashes weren’t normal. They used to bang up against my glasses when I put on mascara so I thought, “Hm. Old tube of mascara, better replace it.” Now, I don’t wear makeup that often…oh who am I kidding — ever…so it really has been about a year since I wore it.

Trust me when I tell you I bought the kind that was supposed to make my eyelashes look like they were the longest, lushest, most perfectly flared butterfly wing lashes that would send gale force winds across the room when I blinked my eyes!

And after applying it I thought, “Where in the heck did my EYElashes go?!!” I’ve written about hair and menopause before (insert link to that post) and I think that’s it. Hair I want is slowly thinning while hair I don’t want is showing up in random places!

In this case, it seems my lush eyelashes have migrated to my nostrils.

Seriously. How else do I explain the skimpy lashes coupled with the sudden sprouting of nose hair? That I can see without a magnifying mirror? Sound disgusting? Oh, yeah, and it’s not even happening to you.


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