The “Fat-kini” Sells Out Because….

24th May 2013

There are plenty of us who want something that really fits.  That’s designed on a body form that isn’t simply sized up from size 8 (which may be equivalent to the size 5 of the 1950s) which makes for odd proportions and clothing that is too short, too wide, hangs wrong, you name it.  Here’s an excerpt of a piece from Jezebel and a link to the article that prompted it:

  “The attitude that the plus-sized body must be treated as some sort of variant of the glorified “thin body” serves to normalize an unachievable standard of beauty. The belief that larger bodies must be disguised because they’re somehow shameful is unhelpful, punitive, and regressive. It’s this kind of tacit approval of fat-phobia that’s responsible for our culture of rampant body shaming.”



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